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venerdì 4 novembre 2011

UNDERGROUND STYLE (Repubblica, Milano)

  Inside republica's station

 Emanuele wears     (New Era cap with marc by marc jacobs)
                                 (Philiphs headphones)
                                 (Dolce&Gabbana  sweatshirt)
                                 (Abercrombi&Fitch  shirt)
                                 (Gucci belt)

                                 (swatch by jeremy scott watch / mercedes benz watch)

                                 (eastpak bag)

                                 (zara jeans)
                                 (marc by marc jacobs keychain / little mocassin by gucci keychain / gucci keychain)

                                 (leather's nike airflytop shoes)

  "It's so late, i have to go" !!!

        Emanuele gives informations to french tourists

1 commento:

  1. Photo by Andrea Dell'Aquila

    Styling by Andrea Dell'Aquila

    Model Giuseppe Emanuele Coniglio